PVAC|Polyvinyl Acetate CAS[9003-20-7]

Polyvinyl Acetate | PVAC | CAS [9003-20-7]

|HS 3905190000

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Polyvinyl Acetate | PVAC

Polyvinyl acetate, PVAC is a rubbery synthetic polymer with the formula (C4H6O2)n. PVAC belongs to the polyvinyl esters. pvac is largely used in food and industry application. PVAC will play an important role in today's industry

Established in 1992, with Technical support from Germany,
Yinyang PVAC mainly manufactures Polyvinyl Acetate (PVAC) for FRP, Automobile
Lights, and cement concrete. The site for Polyvinyl Acetate covers an area of
15,000sqm with an annual capacity of 30,000MT. The company has passed
ISO9001:2000, HACCP, GMP, SGS, FDA.
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Polyvinyl acetate, PVA, PVAc, poly(ethenyl ethanoate), is a rubbery synthetic polymer with the formula (C4H6O2)n. It belongs to the polyvinyl esters family with the general formula -[RCOOCHCH2]-. It is a type of thermoplastic.

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polyvinyl acetate (PVAc) is largely used in Industries. Our polyvinyl acetate (pvac) is made via green technology.

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Polyvinyl Acetate (PVAC), 390519000, CAS [9003-20-7]

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PVAC - A green polyvinyl acetate additive for anti shrinkage.

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